Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where to put my recycling?

It's interesting (and frustrating) to me to hear people say, "I don't have anywhere to collect my recycling, so I just throw it all away." I've heard this more than I care to remember. First of all, you bought yourself a garbage can, didn't you? I would venture to guess that most people buy themselves garbage cans (we have six in our house!) and yet everyone seems to think that recycling receptacles should be provided. I don't really understand that dichotomy.

If you are throwing everything in your house in the garbage and claiming that it is more convenient, I would say this: The more you recycle, the less garbage you're making. The less garbage, the less often you have to take it out. If you want to take your garbage out half as often (or less) start recycling! And if you don't have a receptacle, well, go buy one! Or, better yet, reuse something for a receptacle. I'm sure you have an empty box or bag somewhere-use it for recycling. Just don't put plastic bags in with your recycling-opt instead to dump the materials in the bins. I'll post more on why later.

How do you deal with recycling in your home? Are you reusing something or did you buy a separate bin?

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