Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PurJuly 2015 Day 1

So, day 1 and I'm already cheating. (I actually did this purge Sunday excuse for breaking my own rules is that July is shaping up to be CRAZY busy for me...and I make the rules, so I can break them!)

Cabinet: Before
Anyway, if you're following along on the FB event, you'll know that this is the "After" of the banner photo. This was the cabinet that had gotten so outta hand, that it was opening itself back up after I closed it. Soooo many glass jars, lids, etc, etc....

All the contents laid out

The canning supplies went back with
their brethren in the garage, the jars
 and tins will be given away or recycled/trashed
 and the mixing bowls will go to
my nephew who is moving out on his own. 

And here's how the cabinet looks now:
I actually think I could purge a bit more,
but, for now, I'll take this as a victory.

 Bonus tip: Did you know some peanut butter and mayo lids fit canning jars? You can see this in the foreground of the last photo. What items do you reuse in your home?

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