Community Clothing Swap

 Vancouver Green Drinks, in partnership with Habitat For Humanity Store Presents:
Event flyer

For any questions not answered on this page, please email Vancouver Green Drinks.

Date: August 8, 2012

Time:  The swapping floor will open at 5:30, unless items are still being sorted. Feel free to drop off items for the swap, mingle and browse the stores as early as 5:00. Swapping floor closes at 7:30.

Items can also be dropped off at the store as early as August 1st.
Habitat For Humanity Store
5000 E Fourth Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA

Event flyer
Event is free, but donations for Habitat for Humanity will be accepted at the door. Please check accepted items for Habitat For Humanity Store to see what else you can purge at the same time.

Accepted items:
men's, women's and children's clothing of all sizes
shoes, bags, accessories
household goods
media: music, movies, games, etc.

Please do NOT bring: TVs, microwaves, broken, ripped, stained or unusable items

Dig through your closet, drawers and storage, wash clothes you no longer love/wear/need and bring them to this clothing swap (Flip flops, sunhats, jewelry, bags, shoes, and other accessories are also welcome!)

Bring a reusable tote bag to take your new clothes home with you.

The idea behind the community clothing swap is to offer and get free clothes and other usable items-no money changes hands with these items.

1. Wash all items before bringing to the swap. Check the pockets for tissues, gum, and money.
2. Wear a swim suit or spandex workout clothes under your street clothes when you swap. Try stuff on before you take it home. See how great you look in a mirror (we'll have at least 4 available for you). If it doesn't fit, throw it back into the pile so someone else can see if it fits them.
3. All remainders will be donated.
You may drop off your items for a week prior to the swap, especially if you can't make it to the swap itself, but still want to purge.

All of the items will be separated into general categories while everyone mingles and checks out the Habitat and Empower Up thrift stores.. When the items are all sorted, the swapping floor opens and you're welcome to start pawing through the piles. Take what looks good to you, gather it into your pile, then try them on. Mirrors and dressing areas will be available. If they aren't quite `you', throw them back into the pile for someone else to enjoy.

All of the unclaimed items will be donated to local non-profit organizations.

Check out the photos from the 2010 swap here.


  1. Who is that hot guy?

  2. Will he be at the clothing swap?

  3. Dear Anon,

    That hot guy is Gregg. I have the pleasure of working with him every day. Aren't you jealous? He may very well be at the clothing swap, so you better make sure you get yourself there!

  4. Wow, he wears cool clothes, has long hair, and spells his name with two G's. I will definitely get myself there! Um, can you tell him to wear a red shirt if he is single? That way I won't make a fool of myself if he is already spoken for!

  5. Oh trust me, he's spoken for. His girlfriend is really awesome though, so you can't hate her. There might some other awesome hot guys there, so you should still make sure you show up!

  6. Sorry, I totally didn't expect him to have a GIRLfriend. I'll still think about coming to your event though.

  7. Oh yeah, he does. You would have been barking up the wrong tree.

  8. Unending amusement from this conversation. :)
    I'm definitely going! I may have TOO much clothes though..
    Btw, I think that this is a really neat event.

  9. Kat,

    There's a whole back story here, but I'm glad you liked it. See you tonight! :D

    -The Reuser


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