Friday, January 22, 2016

#Green2016 Challenge!

Take 1 of 5 pledges and reduce your waste. Do something sweet for the planet for Valentine's Day.

If you are on Facebook and don't follow The Reuser; Go. Do it. This is primarily where I post stuff these days, but I realized I should probably let you know about the #Green2016 Challenge. I'll post all the pledges here as well, but the basic premise is: you pick 1 of 5 pledges, post it to your favorite social media site (social media is how we communicate our norms to people these days so posting about waste reduction behaviors can be really powerful and can inspire others!) and then spend the first 2 weeks of February doing your best to stick to your commitment. We don't expect perfection (The Reuser has tried and failed many times before she tries and succeeds!) but we do expect you to do your best! 

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