Monday, August 31, 2009


That was so much fun! Earlier this summer, I had FINALLY finished my planter project (a whole post will be dedicated to that, since I reused many materials for it) except for watering and actually planting something. Then, I let it sit, unplanted for almost two months! (Oh, the tragedy!)

Earlier tonight, I'm chatting with Dear BF, waiting for him to come home from work and reading Urban Farm School's blog and I casually type to Dear BF "I wish I had more time for gardening." and his reply was "You could be gardening right now!" He had a good point!

So, I planted some items. My lazy herb garden has been ridiculously successful this year, so we'll see what comes of this. As you probably have already surmised, I'm about as lazy as they come in terms of gardening. Even if I get baby carrots that I end up giving to the dogs, that will be a WIN!

Honestly, I've already won because I got a little bit of exercise and a couple hours of pure gardening bliss.

The items I planted in 3 of my 5 planters are:
random herb mix from Cedar Grove Compost (promotional item from conference)
random seed from Uncle Dennis. (guessing it's some kind of onion, but could be completely off.)
basil seed
chives (have grown this same bunch of chives indoors for almost 2 years)
butter crunch lettuce
three basil plants (two I had in pots and one rooted from farmer's market basil)

I'm probably way too late to be planting most of these items, but we shall see!
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