Friday, February 25, 2011

Poster Save = Epic WIN!

One of the really great things about the people I work with is their willingness to go the extra mile to make sure usable items stay out of the landfill, it at all possible.

Recently, my "partner in crime" for Green Drinks, Laura, approached me to tell me that she knew of a large stack of science posters that needed saving. Sure, she could have just thrown them in the recycling container and yes, they would have been recycled.... But, of course she wasn't happy with that outcome for such a resource and neither was I.

I talked to my colleague who works with local schools and he quickly found some interest in the posters. Local Science teachers would love to have these posters in their classrooms, we figured.

Round about this same time, sweet serendipity sent Mark to our January meeting of Vancouver Green Drinks. Mark works with science teachers in our region (Like, all of them!) and was so excited to hear about this "waste" item that we were trying to re-home.

Mark and two of his colleagues show off some of the 3,000 science posters
that are destined for science classrooms instead of a landfill
I'm happy to say that through the efforts of The Reuser, Laura, Gregg and Mark, the posters will serve their highest purpose, educating local children in science classrooms around our region, rather than be relegated to the recycling bin. Epic poster save WIN!

Here's what Gregg had to say about this project: "Setting up this Poster Save was a great idea. Thanks for helping make this happen Terra and Laura, and for connecting us with Mark! Through his work as Science Coordinator for ESD 112 Mark is going to distribute these 3,000 science posters to teachers all over Washington and Oregon."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Empower Up

Hopefully by now you've had a chance to visit Empower Up and meet some of the dedicated staff and volunteers that make this amazing program possible. If you haven't, try to make time soon. This program has so many facets, it's hard to explain them all. Some of the many wonderful things they've done with unwanted technology (computers, printers, etc.) include: donating video game systems and games to Marshall Center, after the center was burglarized, Donating 13 computers to local non-profits in the month of January alone, countless classes and internet cafe hours... trust me, the list goes on and on.

I also happen to know that Yours Truly sent on the wish list for the Southwest Washington Humane Society to Empower Up and they were able to help with some of their technology needs as well. What a wonderful example of great programs helping each other out, right here in Clark County.

Empower Up can always use donations-your supplies and dollars go a long way toward ensuring that EU will be around for many moons to come and will continue to support our community in the amazing ways that they do.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Calling parents and teachers: Free Recycling/Compost Assembly for Clark County K-8 Public Schools!

Will, in "Action"!
Clark County Environmental Services is happy to present a free recycling/composting presentation to any Clark County Public School, grades K-8 participating in the Save Organic Scraps school recycling/compost program.

Will Hornyak, a professional, national award-winning storyteller leads students on an exciting, interactive storytelling adventure as they learn about how to properly recycle and compost at school. 
Will’s storytelling will help students better understand how their simple choices of how they throw away their waste can have a big impact on our world. 

Will Hornyak
“Will Hornyak is a world class storyteller I can’t recommend him enough”
  • - Joe Lapideus, Principal Chinook Elementary Vancouver
“Will Hornyak is a storyteller par excellence!”
  • - The Oregonian Newspaper

Shows are around 30 minutes, and are usually held in the cafeteria, and presented to all grade levels. Talk with your school’s principal, and ecourage them to book a show.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two great events and close enough you can attend both!

A few weeks ago, I saw a flyer for the Shop Local Business Showcase being put on by our local Chambers of Commerce.  Woo hoo! (Those of you that know me know this is RIGHT up my alley!) Unfortunately, I then realized it's the same night and overlapping time frame as Vancouver Green Drinks 3 year anniversary! (I'll be busy getting ready for that!)
Come see Laura and I at Green Drinks,
after checking out the local businesses

But...the good news is, the events are close enough to each other in location and focus, that YOU can attend BOTH! (They're within walking distance of each other, really...)

So, I hope to see you at Green Drinks. Come tell me what I missed, will ya?
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