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I stand for sustainable consumption. Our planet needs us to make some changes in the way we shop and consume. This doesn't have to be scary or "sacrifice." 

I believe one of the most powerful ways for people to change their behavior is to have positive behaviors modeled by celebrities and other "characters" we bring into our homes. To that end, I believe we need to see positive portrayal of sustainable consumption in the TV shows and movies we watch. I work to integrate examples of sustainable consumption in the entertainment business. 

Here are some testimonials from a recent class on sustainable consumption:

"Terra is really outgoing and makes it {sustainable consumption} sound easier than I thought it was." 

"Terra really knows her stuff and connects with her audience. You can tell she loves and is enthusiastic about the subject. She has lots of positive energy."
"Terra's honesty is refreshing."
"During this class, I learned that recycling is different from reducing waste. Waste reduction (production) is most critical."
"Thanks for giving us permission to implement at our own pace."
"I was reminded how "convenience" is often more costly than home made."

If one character is handing another character a coffee, there's no good reason that coffee should be in a disposable cup. How about more bike commuting/riding in shows? What would you like to see in your favorite show? 

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