Green Your Holiday with the Check 'Em Off, Green Holiday Gift Event

What is Check ‘Em Off, Green? It’s a place where holiday shoppers can go to check everyone off their list in a “green” way. (Green might mean upcycled materials, local, handmade, organic, Fair Trade, etc.) With over 60 vendors, you can buy from your neighbors, feel great about the gifts and get all your holiday shopping done in one stop!

When: Saturday, December 12th, 2015
Where: Marshall Community Center1009 E Mcloughlin Blvd, Vancouver, WA
Time: 10-4
Food: Mighty Bowl  11:30-1:30

Here is a small slideshow of some of the items available in previous years. Enjoy!

Your list.
Green gifts.
One stop.

Terra Linda Consulting would like to thank our sponsor for Check 'Em Off, Green:

"Check 'Em Off, Green" was born from a conversation that went something like this: "I wish I could attend one holiday event and check everyone off my shopping list. I don't want to buy "cheap plastic junk" and I'd like to buy from my community. I've seen great things at the Recycled Arts Festival, but I don't shop that early for everyone." This holiday event is intended to be a one-stop shop for members of our community to check everyone off their list in an environmentally friendly way. You might purchase a tool caddy made from reclaimed fence wood or a handbag made from un-recyclable chip bags. Maybe you'd like to purchase an "experience" like a guided fishing tour or a gift certificate to a local restaurant. This event will have something for everyone on your list-even that person who seems to already "have everything." The packaging will be minimal or non-existent and you know you're supporting your neighbors and your community with your purchases. After you've checked everyone off your list in a green way, just sit back and enjoy the time with family and friends this holiday season.

Vendor Info: 

5th Annual Check 'Em Off, Green holiday gift event on December 13th at the Marshall Center

Vendor info. If you believe you would be a good fit for our event, email us

The ultimate goal of CEOG is giving customers the ability to check everyone off their list in one place. As such, we unfortunately do not have room for info-only booths. Everyone will need to be offering a gift or service of some kind to our green shoppers. Our focus will be on products that are locally sourced, made of reclaimed material, or support a sustainable lifestyle in some way. In short: no "cheap plastic junk." We work to make this a unique and diverse shopping experience for everyone, so we will limit the amount of vendors selling similar items and will attempt to station them apart from each other in the event space for visual variety. 
Space is limited and preference will be given to "best fit" and unique items.  We reserve the right to kindly decline items that are not a fit for our event including direct sales and MLM.
Thank you,
Terra Linda Consulting

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