Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Organic plant starts: Product Review # 1

The very first items in my cart were actually outside the store. There was an impressive display of herb and veggie starts and I bought five in all; strawberry, yellow brandywine tomato, tomatillo, lemon balm and chives.

This review is part of a series.

Product Name/Company/Price: organic strawberry, yellow brandywine tomato, tomatillo, lemon balm and chives from Brentwood Park Organic farm in Estacada, OR. $1.29 for everything except the chives-they were $1.59

The Good: the chives are tasty and the lemon balm reminds me of my childhood home. All the other plant starts I'll have to mention later in the season, once they've been planted and hopefully are producing. The whole display looked pretty healthy.  Also, Estacada is pretty local.  It's about 30 miles away from the store.

The Bad: My strawberry plant already looks pretty dismal. It might be just fine, but it's touch and go for now. Otherwise, everything looks great.

Would I buy again? Definitely. I'm always on the lookout for good plant starts.

I'm still trying to decide whether a plant start being organic is important to me. What seems more important would be what you put on the plant once you get it home. On the other hand, it was nice to know the chives didn't have anything on them when I tried a little bit of them. Also, simple science seems to suggest that if they're organic starts, they'll be a bit more suited to life with me. (I'm mostly an organic gardener, so if the plants "needed" something to be healthy, they'd be out of luck.)

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