Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chocolate Chunk Cookies Product Review # 2

This review is part of a series.

Product Name/Company/Price: The first product I tried was Chocolate Chunk Gluten free cookies from Arico Natural Foods Company, $1.49 at Grocery Outlet

The Good: No trans fats, no preservatives, no artificial flavor or color, certified organic, Arico is local; the address is Beaverton, OR (about 20 miles away from where I bought the cookies.) Every ingredient that can be certified organic is.

The Bad: pretty much everything else. These cookies are not to my liking. They're pretty bland-for being supposedly chocolate "chunk" the chunks are more like small skimpy "chips." The texture is all wrong for me. I like cookies to be ideally chewy or barring that, crunchy. These have a somewhat dense cake-like texture. I've never had any other gluten free cookies to compare them to, so maybe they're good as far as gluten free goes?

Would I buy again? Absolutely not

One last caveat: I noticed just now while I was writing the post that the package I bought has a small slit in it (looks as though someone was using a box cutter to get into the package of these cookies and accidentally sliced it.) This may have changed the texture/moisture level of the cookies.

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