Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chocolate!: Product Review # 3

This review is part of a series.

Product Name/Company/Price: Dagoba organic Chai chocolate, $1.49
The Good: The chai is an interesting addition. It's mild enough that the whole thing still tastes like chocolate, but a little spicy.
The Bad: It's not really "bad" it's just not necessarily my cup of tea-pun intended.
Would I buy again? Probably not, especially since Dear BF didn't like it at all. He made a face and said "Why would you mess with chocolate?"

We tried a second type, as well:

Product Name/Company/Price: Alter Eco Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Cajou, $1.49
The Good: The chocolate is very smooth. 
The Bad: I prefer chocolate straight up-completely unadulterated. I think I would prefer this chocolate that way.
Would I buy again? Maybe. If the chocolate didn't have any additives (cashews and raisins), I definitely would. All Dear BF said was, "Yeah, it was good."

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