Thursday, November 7, 2013

Join The Reuser

Where will The Reuser be this weekend? 

I have a big Saturday planned and this is your official invite to come along!

First, I'll be visiting the Capitol Tree when it makes a brief stop in Vancouver. Did you know this year's tree comes from Washington State? Also, some of my clients and Check 'Em Off, Green vendors will be at this event with their wonderful products.

That's a big tree! 88ft big.
photo credit: Young Kwak,

Next, I'll be heading over to the Empower Up Warehouse blow-out sale. There's a ton of great stuff and some really unbelievable low prices at this sale. There's just some really fun stuff there, too. 

These aren't money boxes,
but you could certainly reuse them as that!

Nuthin' like a little vinyl polka...

Finally, I'll be heading south to check out the premier of my friend's beer. It's beer-with a twist! It's meant for horses! Well, people can drink it too (It's perfectly safe for human consumption.) But her horse (the beer is named after him) will also be there. Should be a great Saturday! 

So...will I see you this weekend? What are your big plans?

By the way, this is a nifty little article about some research being done on the tree. 

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