Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Artist/Vendor Profile: Vance Family Soy Candles

Amy Vance

Company name:
Vance Family Soy Candles

Vancouver, WA



Other social media:

Your products/projects:

I make sustainable soy candles utilizing as many local materials as possible. NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE. NO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. Just pure, NON-GMO plant oils go into my candles that are hand poured into American made (and some handblown local) containers and labeled with handcrafted labels made of recycled, unbleached paper.

My favorite item is my American Scent Trip line of candles. I am creating a candle for every state (based upon my personal journeys) that takes the buyer on a journey through the state with their nose.I am very proud of my Keep Portland Weird candle made in collaboration with Music Millennium of Portland, OR. The candles were created to support buying local and small business and proceeds from the sales go to Oregon Music Hall of Fame which promotes music education in Oregon schools.I learn everyday and am continually humbled and thankful for all of the support and encouragement received by my family, buyers, friends, and fans.  

Green "Cred"

Creative reuse, Handmade, Durable, Made in the USA, Non-gmo ingredients, Recycled content product, Recycled content packaging, Reusable, Reusable packaging, Reused materials, Locally sourced materials, No Synthetic Fragrance or Petroleum 

Why is "green" important to you?

It is a given. Obviously, using synthetic fragrance would never even be an option. And when it comes to the rest of my manufacturing and business practices, it just comes natural to want to be as sustainable and thoughtful as possible. I run an almost zero waste business. This is not only earth friendly, but saves money! We re-use what other businesses might classify as trash (clean trash!) to pack our orders and create one-of-a-kind shredding for our gift boxes. We recycle and compost.

Your origin story?

I'm highly allergic to synthetic fragrance (found in virtually all candles as well as cleaning products, lotions, perfumes, the list goes on!) and couldn't burn candles without having an asthma attack. Being an avid cook and gardener, I knew real scents didn't bother me, so why the allergic reaction to candles? After researching, I learned of all of the detrimental and harmful ingredients put into most candles. I knew I could create an all natural, 100% plant based, candle and set out to make it a reality. My main goal was to create a natural cinnamon apple candle. Cinnamon essential oil was easy to find, but the apple... It was harder than I thought! It took a couple years to find an organic, oil soluble extract of apple that would translate into an amazing candle. But I found it! While I was at it, I knew I wanted all of my ingredients (including the soy) to be GMO-free, made in America, and recycled when possible. Thus, my line of Vance Family Soy Candles was born. The journey and response has been amazing and it is a wonderful feeling being able to provide for my family, create jobs, support local artists, give back to the community and create a product that is making the world a healthier place to live!

Your inspiration?

Scent memories and travel inspire me! Most of my candles are created due to personal journeys I have experienced.My brain is continually pumping out new ideas for styles and scents. I have to remind myself to turn it off & be patient most of the time because in order to make a profit I can't be running in a hundred different directions!


Your heroes?

I am inspired by, and appreciate, anyone who is willing to do what is right despite their situation. I am forever grateful to all those who have fought for freedom and human rights.

Favorite celebrities?

Oprah Winfrey because she is one of those brave people as described above.

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