Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reuse contest-win this travel mug!

When I first had the concept for this blog, what I always envisioned was to find creative reuses for things that I (or others) were currently throwing away. Because I'm not above bribery, I've decided to reward your awesome ideas with a prize! So, here's the first in what I hope to be a series of contests to come up with the most creative reuse for an otherwise trash item. As you probably already know, we have two dogs. These dogs are very spoiled and get all kinds of yummy treats. The treats most often come in sealable plastic bags. (Pictured is about 1/4 of the bags I've collected.) Your task is to come up with a creative reuse for these bags. Could be utilitarian, could be art-it's completely up to you.

When you have your reuse, add it as a comment to this blog post. You can enter as many times as you like (as many reuses as you can think of.) Please post only one reuse per comment. Make sure you include some way of me contacting you at the end of the contest. The contest will end on Sunday, May 31st at 12 noon PST.

What are you going to win? I'm so glad you asked. It is this wonderful insulated travel mug which can be used again and again and is made from recycled plastic. Read more about and see much better photos of this mug here.

Thanks for playing and good luck!

P.S. In the interests of waste reduction, I did contact the company that we buy some of our treats from to try to buy them in bulk. I was told they don't package them that way, but I might try again. If anyone knows of any way to buy any of the pictured treats in bulk/with less packaging, please let me know. I would certainly like to eliminate this waste at the source! I would accept this information as a contest entry, since reducing waste is even better than reusing!


  1. Try making your own dog treats and eliminate the bags altogether.

  2. Anon,

    I had actually thought of that. The problem is, I give my dogs these treats 1) to keep them busy and 2) to clean their teeth. My male dog is very picky about treats and only eats one type. (the type that I've written to the company about buying in bulk.) I have, however, thought of making some treats and twice-baking them in the manner of biscotti, hoping that that would make them last a little longer and hopefully make the dogs use their back teeth and clean them, as well.

  3. What if you sew a bunch of them into a bag for your dogs items for in the car? For example large bag to hold leashes, bones, toys, water and so on. It could be stored in the trunk or garage to house the misc dog stuff.


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