Saturday, May 2, 2009

ReStore and CREAM Grand Opening

Earlier this morning, I was at the Grand Opening of the Habitat For Humanity's ReStore and CREAM. They've been open for business for a few months now, but today was the big shindig. I didn't stay for long, but I did snap these pictures there this morning. If you have a project that you need materials for, please consider shopping the ReStore (or a similar store) first. If you don't currently have a project, that's ok. I've collected some to inspire!

How to decorate with windows. (ReStore has lots!)
Give your house more curb appeal by changing out the door.
Finally, I don't think ReStore has any of these right now, but you'd be surprised what they do have that could be changed up a little bit or completely altered to be reused and given second life.

Also, if you need some electronic equipment, the shelves of CREAM are the best place to start. Perhaps they'll have what you need, perhaps they won't. But, if they do, you'll be very happy you made the stop!

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