Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pill bottle key holder

I saw this craft a long time ago and always wanted to post it on my blog-once I was up and running... I think if you started out with a brown bottle or painted the top, it would be even more stealthy. I doubt many criminals would think to look for a key hidden in this way. Love it! I know two of my friends could have very much used this recently and saved themselves some hefty locksmith fees. I'm thinking about making them as gifts for family.

I particularly like this one, because even though you probably would only ever need one of these for your own house, it is a use for an item that is sometimes hard to recycle. (In most places, any plastic bottle with a neck is accepted curbside. However, I've been told by materials recovery facilities (the places that sort your recycling into categories in order to be recycled) that anything smaller than your fist oftentimes won't make it through the processing systems correctly.)

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