Monday, April 6, 2009

landfill bound labor posters find new life as whiteboards

From Jeffrey Smedberg, Recycling Program, County of Santa Cruz Public Works Department, Santa Cruz, California:
A waste reduction success story:
Every employer has to display a wage and hour poster enumerating labor laws affecting employees. We recently took down dozens of these large laminated posters in our County offices because the information was outdated. The blank white backside - an expansive 25" x 39" in size - serves admirably as a wipe board for use with dry erase markers. We advertised the availability to employees and also to the public via the local Freecycle Yahoo group like this: "Give the kids a place to safely draw on the walls. Cut a poster down to size if your shopping list never gets this long." The interest in reuse of this otherwise landfill-bound item has been surprisingly strong.


  1. Although a very different re-use, this made me think of an article in a recent MAKE magazine about someone who was making chairs out of political yard signs. Actually, now that I think of it, if you don't read MAKE's blog, you might want to check it out. A lot of the projects they post involve using recycled materials. In digging up that last link I found that they have them collected in one category.

  2. Yeah, I saw that one, too. I do read Make, but it's hard to keep up, because they have so much great stuff. I really want to showcase local reusers. Got anything you want to share?


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