Sunday, April 5, 2009

My waste-free grocery lists

I used to reuse little scraps of paper (junk mail envelopes, receipts, etc.) and write down my grocery list. However, I type much faster than I write, so once Dear BF gave me an iphone, I thought I might be able to use no paper at all for my grocery lists. Enter Ta-Da Lists. I signed up for a free account and have used it for everything from my bucket list to weekly grocery lists. When I go into the grocery store, I simply bring up my list and click done as I'm adding things to my cart. I love it!

Oh yeah, the other impetus for this conversion was that my personality is the type that once I write something down, I purge it from memory. One time, I lost my grocery list half-way through shopping. I couldn't do anything at that point but give up and go home. I've only (mercifully) had that happen to me once. I'm pretty useless without my lists. Now, they're always conveniently waiting for me on the internet.

Pictured above is today's list. It's pretty small, as we already have most of the items we need for this week. Oh, and "nut things" is supposed to be "nut thins" My fingers were on autopilot and I couldn't be bothered to correct it.


  1. Um, where's the love? I'm the one that told you to use Tada lists.

  2. That's weird, I could have sworn I credited you with informing me of Ta-Da. Sorry! It was Dear BF's idea to use Ta-Da.

  3. Sometime my wife emails a grocery list from her PC at work to the email address on my iPhone. No lover of honey dew mellons, she, but of honey do lists, oh, yeah - Leonard

  4. Leonard,

    You should sign up for TaDa. You can both access the lists and you can check items off the lists as you're shopping! :D (This was one of my requirements as sometimes my lists get quite long and I wanted to make sure I got everything.) I still want to try Evernote, though and see how it compares to this.

  5. I've read that grocery chains on the east coast are testing the feasibility of creating a shopping list on their site. When you get to the store, you log into the website on the shopping cart display (where we see advertising now) and the display will walk you up and down the aisles in the most efficient way. Only problem is that this doesn't allow for grazing! Significant dollars will be lost if I can look at the screen instead of things that might catch my eye on the shelves between those I put in the cart!

  6. Anon,

    I've also read about this. Trust me, I'm sure if they do implement this, they'll also implement the upselling. "Oh, I noticed you bought Wheat Thins and cream cheese, have you tried this recipe? Find the final ingredient on Aisle 2." Something like that. They already do that with coupons at the checkout, I noticed.


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