Thursday, July 7, 2011

#PurJuly day 7

Again, I'm cheating. I actually purged this suitcase a few weeks ago, but I wanted to include it, because it never belonged to me. I borrowed it from a friend (Thanks, Josy!) for the two trips we took this year. I needed a carry-on sized suitcase but didn't want to buy one and then have to store it, etc. (Oh yeah, and I'm cheap!) I sent an email to a small group of friends to see if anyone had what I needed and of course, someone did-A good thing to remember when you need something just once or a few times. A smart (and easy) waste reduction tip is to borrow items from others. Finally, this belongs in the PurJuly category because I had it sitting around my house for about a month and a half after the last vacation and I still hadn't returned it. PurJuly sparked the return. Yay for borrowing and yay for purging!


  1. Borrowing luggage is the way to go. Same with hiking backpacks, tents, and other trip stuff. Often this stuff is just sitting in an attic or basement most of the year. Let it go on the adventures it was intended for! People could get creative, and when they lend their bags out, the person using it would have to add a patch from the place they visited. An idea...

  2. Gregg,

    I like it! I also like how you said "go on the adventures it was intended for." Indeed!


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