Monday, February 14, 2011

Calling parents and teachers: Free Recycling/Compost Assembly for Clark County K-8 Public Schools!

Will, in "Action"!
Clark County Environmental Services is happy to present a free recycling/composting presentation to any Clark County Public School, grades K-8 participating in the Save Organic Scraps school recycling/compost program.

Will Hornyak, a professional, national award-winning storyteller leads students on an exciting, interactive storytelling adventure as they learn about how to properly recycle and compost at school. 
Will’s storytelling will help students better understand how their simple choices of how they throw away their waste can have a big impact on our world. 

Will Hornyak
“Will Hornyak is a world class storyteller I can’t recommend him enough”
  • - Joe Lapideus, Principal Chinook Elementary Vancouver
“Will Hornyak is a storyteller par excellence!”
  • - The Oregonian Newspaper

Shows are around 30 minutes, and are usually held in the cafeteria, and presented to all grade levels. Talk with your school’s principal, and ecourage them to book a show.

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