Friday, April 1, 2016

WASTE alert- Amazon's new Dash button

What does Amazon's latest buy-everything-within-reach method look like?

These little buttons are the Lorax's worst dream realized. Plastic, a battery and a wifi connection to facilitate one single action-reordering one product. What about when they stop working? How many people will take the time to recycle them properly? (Answer: no one because good recycling programs are based on *enough volume* of a given product that has *enough value* to actually be, yeah, no....) Not to mention that recycling is not really all it's cracked up to be, anyway, even if you *could* recycle these puppies! Which you can't.

People are up in arms about the K-cups? Dash buttons are far worse, in my opinion. At least with the K-cups, I can make the argument that they *might* be saving coffee from being wasted, which, when looked at from a lifecycle view, is actually a really good thing. But these little buttons made of multiple materials? Nope. I can't think of any redeeming quality, as far as the planet and its limited resources are concerned.

To me, these represent everything that is wrong with consumerism, laziness and our addiction to convenience. I just can't think of a single nice thing to say about these.

How often are you buying detergent? You might be
using more than you need. In fact, if you see this
and think to yourself: "You know, I could really
use that." you are almost certainly using more detergent
than you need to. Which means you could be saving money
by cutting back a bit. #JustSayin'...
Ok, maybe one thing. Someone has already figured out a way to hack these little babies to help track data on his little baby. That's kind of cool. But, that's all I got.

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