Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Creatively Reuse Box Springs

Boy am I excited to bring you these next two reuses.

A colleague of mine sends me emails from time to time about all the fun creative reuses he employs at home. This first one is great because who hasn't found themselves with an unwanted mattress or box spring before?

Bob decided to put his to good use. Here's what he has to say about this project:

I know Reuse is your thing…. So I had to brag about my last reuse project… but I will use pictures instead of words… 

In addition to the finished product.. I scored 9 long 1x2’s for garden stakes or other future uses.. a little bit of firewood, a huge piece of cardboard that went into the garden for weed barrier.. and just a little trash, that fit in my trash can and didn’t require a big trip to the transfer station… plus it kept the kids busy and off of the gaming… 
What do you think? 

What do I think? I think it's ingenious! I need one in my garage.

To see all the "process" photos, go here.

Readers-what do you think? Does this inspire you to creatively reuse something you'd otherwise be throwing away? The more I "get into" this creative reuse thing, the more I see fun ways in which to use "trash" that is all around us. Nice job, Bob!

Stay tuned for the next one. I think I like it just slightly more than this project. But, that could be a function of it having to do with animals and I'm sucker for animals...

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