Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I miss the Junk Brothers

I think one of my first exposures to "creative reuse" was the short-lived* HGTV show The Junk Brothers. We were chatting about the show today and I was trying to convey the level of awesomeness that Steve and Jim were able to create with discarded items. I really wish there was an online gallery of before/after photos from the show. I've been searching for just that for awhile now. I'll link to a few things I've found.
Jim and Steve pose with their tricked out mega-BBQ

List of episodes with before photos (these aren't nearly as impressive without being able to see what they were transformed into

Interview with the brothers in Make: magazine (has some photos, but no captions...)

This guy made a kitchen island inspired by the Junk Brothers show. This is one of the only "after" photos I have and it wasn't even their project (Although, I remember this one and it's very similar.)

Anyone know if there's some place where you can view a gallery of all the before/after projects? I think I'll try to see if I can find this show on Netflix. It really was inspiring (although, the boys are much better carpenters/reusers than they are actors-sorry guys, but your banter was painful...)

*Apparently, it wasn't nearly as short-lived as I had originally thought. I think I only watched one season, possibly part of the second. Seems like there may have been as many as 4 seasons, though.


  1. Thanks for posting on this show. my mom and i were just talking about it today, then i found your blog about the show. it's a very missed show.

  2. the show is still on the air and the last episodes just air Nov 25 2014 I think that they have done 70 episodes now. They are down in the USA. - I just love watching what they do with stuff. Go to TV GUIDE and you will see almost all of the episodes listed.

    1. Oh-man! Now I'm going to have to seek them out again. Those boys are terrible actors, but great at creative reuse. I LOVED that show!


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