Friday, June 24, 2011


Can you give up one item a day for a month? Let's find out! Let's make the month of July the month for purging. It's Purge-July (PurJuly)

Last week, I tweeted something about an exciting blog project. Today, I unveil to you what that was all about. I recently read something about a family purging one object from their lives every day for a year. Because I'm not really *that* dedicated, I decided to take on this challenge for a month. I want to invite you to partake in the challenge with me. Read on for more details.

About six months ago, a co-worker had the idea for us to save every item that we discarded for a month that was not recycled or composted. The experience was fun, interesting and surprising. It's strange to be able to look in a box and see the waste you made weeks ago. Normally, once we've thrown something "away" we never give it a second thought. It also had me thinking about ways to be even friendlier to humanity's chance on the planet. It has had some lasting effects on my behavior. I'm hoping the experience of purging one thing from my life, blogging the experience and hopefully having others join me in the experience will also have some lasting effects. 

So, here are the rules (they're pretty simple.)

  1. Purge at least one thing from your life every day for the month of July. The "thing" can be something tangible  (items you're not using, like clothing, media, electronics, etc) or they can be something more creative than that. (Got files clogging up your computer system? Perhaps purging some of that old stuff will be a positive step towards helping those of us with a little touch of the hoarding.) If you miss a day, it's ok, I won't tell! The important thing is to give it a try.
  2. If the item is tangible, send me a picture of the item (you don't have to do this every day, unless you want to) and I will try to blog everyone's items (If I get swamped, I might just pick a few each day.) I'd also like to keep a running list of the items with a brief description/weight, etc. 
  3. The Twitter hashtag for this project will be #Purjuly
See? Easy! Let's take on this challenge together and see what happens!

Remember, we have the clothing swap coming up in August, for those of you in the area. So, if you're cleaning your closets, you have a built in place to bring those items you're no longer using. I take no responsibility whatsoever for any setbacks you might experience by filling up the space you cleared with new treasures. ;)

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