Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reuse in Action

Can you spot the wonderful reuse in this picture? Don't feel bad if you can't-it's such a seamless reuse, it looks like it was made that way. 

I was just in the kitchen at our new office and one of the green team members pointed it out to me. It was her idea to reuse in this way and I'm glad she pointed it out, because I don't think I would have noticed otherwise. It's just that good!

Have a happy and safe holiday season everyone!


  1. Frisbee as a dinner plate? Or, broiler pan as a drip catcher-thing?

  2. Ha! It's funny you mention the frisbee thing. Those are actually real dinner plates, but I have a picture of someone using a frisbee as a dinner plate. You're getting warmer with the drip catcher. It's actually a cookie tray that was given to us by the mgmt company as a welcome. She said she had it behind the drainer and then realized it would be great under it! Yay for reuse!


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