Monday, June 28, 2010

ocean plastic to be used to make vacuums

Waste & Recycling News has an interesting story about Electrolux making a limited number of vacuums out of plastic recovered from the ocean.  I love this quote: "Plastic is a material with many advantages. But when plastic ends up in the wrong place it becomes a problem. To raise public awareness about this issue, Electrolux aims to gather plastic debris from vulnerable marine habitats -- and produce a limited number of vacs out of it."  Very cool!

Pictured is our "bag display" The text reads, "These 400 plastic bags represent the average amount used by every man, woman and child in America, each year."

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  1. I am so happy to hear this bit of news! The more I get into recycling, the more I want to abolish plastic even though I know it is invaluable in many applications. I would like to see the bottles especially go away. I hope more companies follow this lead and find ways to use the plastic that has already been produced in their manufacturing processes.


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