Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reuse on parade

Yesterday, we took part in the annual Paddy Hough parade. I tweeted some images of the "plastic bag monster" (who later deemed himself "Bag-zilla") but, I thought I'd write a bit more about what we did, because it was great fun and really turned out quite well.

Here's Bag-zilla in all his glory:
The t-shirt was destined for the thrift store and the plastic bags were pilfered from our plastic bag display* (we need to replace those and get the display back out in the lobby!)

We also had some "support" staff for Bag-zilla. We had two sandwich board people. They had pictures of clogged machinery being hand-cleaned and messages about why we don't want plastic bags in recycling carts. The sandwich boards were made from old recycling signs we don't use anymore and some other materials purchased last year at S.C.R.A.P. We also used velcro, so the messages for the sandwich boards can be changed out to accommodate different events. They are reusable, of course!

It was great fun (especially for me, I just got to sit in the truck and wave to people!) and I heard a lot of comments about people interested in Bag-zilla and what he was all about.

* The plastic bag display reads: "These 400 plastic bags represent the amount used by every man, woman and child each year in America."

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